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Our Mission

We at Georgia Cold Storage and Gulf States Cold Storage Companies want to ensure our customers of the finest services that we can offer.  Anyone can offer a service, however we want to do it better.  We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, and making sure that the customer comes first.

Our Roots

Georgia Cold Storage Company was founded in the 1960's with one of the original founders being Henry L. Crisp.  Henry and his family still own the company and he currently serves as Chairman of the Board.  In 1998 his son, John L. Crisp came to work for the company and now serves as President and CEO.  The original peanut cooler warehouse was in Americus, Georgia with the Blakely, Georgia warehouse being purchased in 1999.  In 2002 the Columbus warehouse was purchased and subsequently we began serving the poultry exporting industry in Columbus and Americus.  In 2005 the Crisp family started a sister company named "Gulf States Cold Storage Co.".  This company initially purchased warehouses in Andalusia, Alabama and Dothan, Alabama. Nicole Kirk handles our Accounts Payable & Receivables.

We have several loyal customers who have allowed us to serve them for many years and in a typical year, we move over 750,000,000 pounds of product in and out of our warehouses which entails handling approximately 25,000 trucks.

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